About Me


Hi there! 

My name is Kristianna and I currently live in beautiful Central Oregon with my husband and our 2 wonderful kids. My recent jobs have consisted of being a special operations army wife and a writer for an incredible non-profit; and now I'm thrilled to say I get to add "boutique owner" to my resume!

I love fashion and unique, trendy styles. My favorite part of this job, hands down, is getting to find just the right style to make a woman feel comfortable and beautiful so she can radiate from the inside out!

The moment I discovered Shop Stevie, I fell in love. Shop Stevie was founded by Stephanie (Stevie) Henderson and her husband. She started a fashion blog, then one thing led to the next and they launched Shop Stevie which has exploded over the last couple years... now that's where I come in: becoming a Rep for their company has now turned my little dream into a big reality. I love their values and vision. They believe in well-made, modest, beautiful, unique, quality, on-trend, affordable, boutique-style Women's Fashion. It truly is the best!

I really have grown to love the "boutique" model of this company. I strategically  only carry a few sizes of each item which ensures we all can have gorgeous, on-demand, unique clothes that others can compliment (trust me, they will!) but they can't necessarily copy! Keep in mind: I get new styles in to the shop multiple times per WEEK so check back often for updated inventory.

Oh, and if you were nervously wondering, Shop Stevie is NOT an MLM (multi level marketing) company so I will never, ever be asking you to sign up for anything, to become a rep, or join any sort of team. If you love the clothes as much as me... then, yay! I'm here to help you in any way possible.

A warm tip: If you see a favorite piece that you just have to have, then snag it asap because things tend to go quickly and most items rarely ever get re-stocked. But if you don't see your size, please message me and I would love to try to track it down for you!

I'm so thankful for this company and for the creative outlet it has given me. Everything you see in my shop are items I have personally hand-picked and would wear myself... it's an eclectic, chic selection and I hope you like it all as much as I do! If you ever have any questions or you want to book me for an event or host a pop up party, please email me at Krsfisher7@gmail.com.

Thank you- from the bottom of my heart- for taking the time to look through my shop and supporting my small business. I can't wait for you to Shop Stevie Style with me so I can get you into something you absolutely love!

Happy Shopping <3